Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing

JFA quality for your products

JFA also is a contract manufacturer with broad capabilities and services.

Regardless of the size and weight of your products, we are at hand to help and to optimize them according to your individual needs.

Our high professional competence and comprehensive know-how as well as the value added through our broad experience make us an ideal partner in the field of contract manufacturing.

JFA's performances contain manufacturing processes
final acceptance
Ultra precision machining
The range of materials we machine is very broad, including cast iron, rust-resistant and hardened steel, special steels, polymer concrete, various aluminum alloys and hard-brittle ceramic materials. Our service goes beyond activities such as drilling, milling and grinding. Hence, our employees are gladly prepared to manually optimize the accuracy of the processed work pieces in constant temperature rooms.

Ultra precision assembly
In addition to machining your products, JFA technicians are skilled and experienced at value-added assembly. Our service includes the assembly and alignment of linear bearings and complete slide units. The documentation of exactitudes completes our service offer.

JOHANN FISCHER - precision engineering