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Concentricity test devices

To be used for precise clamping of rotationally symmetrical workpieces, e.g. to perform true-running measurements.

On the basis of JFA Bench centers, we design individual measuring systems, complete measuring systems for the production-related application or the fine measurement room.
For more information and examples, please see the special 'tailor-made measurement systems'.

Construction test bench
The test bench is made of either cast iron or hard natural stone - granite. With medium-length T-guiding and clamping slot to DIN 650 nominal 14 H8. The measuring surface of the cast iron test bench is hand-scraped and finely touched. The granite of the hard natural stone test bench is ground and hand-lapped. Flatness of measuring surfaces according to customer's requirements.

Sizes of the cast iron test benches
800 x 200 - 1000 x 220-1200 x 200 - 1500 x 250 - 2000 x 300 mm.
Other sizes available upon request.

Sizes of the test benches made of natural hardstone - granite
1000 x 300 - 1200 x 300 - 1600 x 300 - 2000 x 400 - 2500 x 600 mm, or as desired.

Additional T-slots, tapped holes, threaded inserts and finely machined outer sides as required.

Storage of the test bench
Either on table sets or on steel frame bases. Steel ball inserts are included on the bottom side of the measuring benches.

Construction tailstock pair
The Body is made of special cast. The quills, T-nuts and the interchangeable tips 60 ° are made of hardened steel. One rigid tailstock quill and one tailstock with axially adjustable and lockable quill. The tailstock can be adjusted to T-slots, nominal size 14 according to DIN 650.
Up to a center height of 300mm, the tailstocks can be set over by an eccentric clamping lever. Tailstocks with a center height of 250 and 300 mm are additionally equipped with T-slot screws. From a peak height of 400 mm onwards, the device is exclusively equipped with T-slot screws.

Tailstock pair - Hand lever
The spindle of a tailstock is spring-loaded and adjustable by a hand lever up to a Center height of 300mm.

Tailstock pair - Handwheel
The spindle of a tailstock is adjustable by a self-locking drive with the help of a hand wheel. Particularly suitable for the sensitive ranges from mild to severe and deforming specimens.

For technical data on JFA Tailstocks, please take a look at 'Tailstocks'.
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